70 Years of Combined Experience

The owners and managers are experienced through previous mid and senior level positions including President positions of large construction material companies in North America prior to entering the industrial minerals business. The current management has been running CARCO since inception in 1996. Bentonite has been furnished from the current deposit since 1980.

  • Discovery of a high performing White Bentonite deposit for the paper industry.
  • Over 70 years of combined experience in Mining & Processing.
  • The purchase of the Caldwell Plant in 1996.
  • Successes at paper mills have made CARCO Bentonite the Norm.

The Caldwell Plant

The Caldwell Plant was owned and operated by the Unimin Corporation, primarily a Sand company, prior to Carco Mineral Resources, Inc. Since Unimin knew Sand and little about Bentonite, the Caldwell Plant was a bit of an odd business in their portfolio. Unimin sold the operation to CARCO and a gem became available for marketplaces around the world.

During the evaluation stages of the then Unimin Plant, CARCO and Allied Colloids (Ciba) entered into an exclusive supply agreement. CARCO exclusively supplied Bentonite to Ciba from 1996 – 2003.

Developing Long Lasting Working Relationships

CARCO is considered to be the norm and by most, the supplier of the highest quality bentonite in North America. Our success has been in large part due to the unique deposit that we mine and operate while keeping stringent quality control measures in place during processing and packaging. All of this has granted us the opportunity to develop long lasting working relationships with our customers and to provide the desired benefits to a new, diverse pulp & paper community. We are also pleased to provide our resources to the many professional companies who are seeking to improve and innovate all industries throughout the world.

Highest Quality Products

Producing the highest quality products at CARCO requires responsible stewardship to land and environment, strategic planning, continuous operational improvements and ongoing testing to ensure the quality our customers deserve. Quality Control is a way of life at CARCO.

To request Samples or MSDS information, please contact the Corporate Office.